This is a blog about me, Ally, 44 now...trying to conceive baby #3. After 5 years, several miscarriages and heartaches we finally did it. Ava Lynn was born on January 30th 2009. Now I have two teenagers and a baby! Ally wants three is now complete. It's all gravy from here on in...

Sunday, July 30, 2006

We're Back!

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Monday, July 24, 2006

IUI is done...

I had so much O pain this morning it wasn't funny. We had to deliver the sample at 7:30 and IUI was at 9AM. I couldn't believe Dave's sample...the post wash was 52 Million!! Holy shit I know!!

In 2 weeks we'll know...but I'll be poas in 10 days I think.

Off to vacation. Be back by the end of the week.


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Friday, July 21, 2006

And another scan

Follies are doing well. I have one measuring about 18 and one about I go back tomorrow for a follow-up scan. He wants the 18mm one to catch up so I have at least 2 follies set to mature. I had more bloodwork and depending on the results of the estrogen, the IUI will be
either tomorrow or Monday. They gave me one more day of Gonal-F just in case.
I'll know after three today so I'll update then!


Estrogen is slowly rising steadily so insemination will be on Monday. I just took the last Gonal shot a few minutes ago so all I have is the HCG trigger and that will be tomorrow night. We're almost at the home stretch...and then vacation!!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lola is too funny! ... IUI scheduled

She wants him bad!!

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On other news
Another Dr. appt today. 4 follies still growing. I'm still up on the Gonal dose - 225 ius. He says I'll probably be on the shots for another two days with the insemination on Saturday....the latest on Monday. Then it's off for VACATION!!!! I need's been very stressful...and hormonal this cycle. LOL

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Monday, July 17, 2006

CD 8 and...

another DR. appt today. I had to give more blood to re-check the estrogen levels...they want to make sure the numbers are doubling. Dr. called and my number was only at 190 so they increased my dosage to 225 ius a day. I asked him if I should be concerned and he said no because my follies were progressing pretty nicely. I go back on Wednesday for more of the same and then again on Friday. As far as symptoms on these meds...I feel very swollen in my abdomen...feels like I have pms. My mood is ok MOST of the time. I guess that's a plus.

That's it for now. I hope this is all well worth it in the end. I have a good feeling it will be.

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Ultrasounds and more Ultrasounds...

Today was my 2nd U/S this cycle. It went failrly well for only being on the injects for 3 days. 3 follies ranging from 6-9 MM on the right and 2-3 on the left 5-8MM. Definately alot more action on the shots. I had my estrogen checked and it came back right on target (131) so no need to raise the dose. Monday morning is my next U/S...the doctors are seeing my action more than my hubby these days. LOL

I feel ok. I am confident t his will work. it just HAS to! Only 8 more shots to go!!

On other news: This Friday my ex takes the kids to Florida for 2 weeks. I always have bittersweet emotions about them leaving. Yes, I could use a break because he never has them and yes, I could use a vacation, sleep late, etc...but I also miss them like crazy. I sent my ex
a long detailed email about things that Michael enjoys and I hope he seriously listens to me this time. For some reason, he hesitates taking him anywhere. I guess it's because he's not around him enough (HIS FAULT) and worries that he might pitch a fit if it's something he doesn't want to do. Well, step up...he'll have to deal with it.

David and I are going to Louisiana to go fishing next week. We have a boat and a guide taking us to the locale and showing us (ME) what to do. I have never fished and I wanted to say I at least caught one fish in my lifetime. Knowing me, I'll probably let it go. We are also staying in a condo (courtesy of one of his clients) for free. Nice.

So, that's it. I hope everyone is doing well and is having a good summer. Ciao for now!

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The shots have begun...

Today is CD3 and the beginning of my Gonal F cycle. I went to the RE to get the baseline U/s done and all the follies from the previous cycle have gone. I asked the nurse to show me how to mix and prepare the shots which wasn't too hard to understand. I will be taking 100 IU's every day for 10 days. I go back for another U/S on Saturday and to check my estrogen levels.

I don't know why...but I have a really great feeling about this cycle being the one. I don't want to get my hopes up but I have never felt this way before, even when I did get pregnant...and maybe thats why I lost them...because maybe deep down I knew it wasn't the one. Who knows but I am going with this optimistic attitude and hope for the best!

And...oh, by the way, if I were to have a positive outcome, the baby would be born right around David's awesome would that be??

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Just keeps getting more strange

Bd'd this morning and went to pee. AF had arrived in full swing. The nurse told me there were two follies in my ovary but because my progesterone came back high (14.3) she determined that
they were in the process of disintegrating...and AF would most likely come in two weeks if I wasn't pregnant. It wasn't even a week!

I will call the doctor later and see if they need to do a CD3 ultrasound...and I will bring my meds too (I want them to show me how to mix, inject, etc)

And how was your weekend??

Girls: Is tonight's chat on???

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Office Mural

Of course it HAD to be a hunting theme...LOL
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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

17 DPO...and RE Update

and still no AF. I tested this morning and it was negative. I'm pretty sure that the cysts that occured from last cycle haven't dissipated. I did a search on follicular cysts and I have many of the symptoms of it...bloated, pressure, constipation. I called the RE and have an appointment tomorrow morning at 7:30. They will do an U/s to see if it's still there and if it grew. Just my dumb ass luck!

As far as the GonalF shots for this cycle...I may have to wait it out. I was told the cysts could take up to three cycles to dissipate. I just hope I don't have to have surgery again...that would MAJORLY suck!

So, thats it. I am quite upset about this. I have no idea why I keep running into God trying to tell me something?


I must admit, I was a nervous wreck going to this appointment. Was I going to have this cyst and how was it going to go away? So many questions I had but nothing prepared me for what actually was the case.

Ultrasound showed that the cyst I had on the right side had dissipated...YEA! They proceeded to do the left side and lo and behold I had two follies in there (19MM and 13MM). So what does this mean? It means the previous cyst screwed up my cycle so I didn't get a period.It means that I am about to ovulate in a few days. It means that I am two weeks ahead of where I was. The doctor took some blood to see where my progesterone is at this point so I should know that by this afternoon. No wonder my tests came back BFN...I didn't even ovulate yet. LOL

So, I left there in good spirits and a little bewildered. I told you my system is messed up. So, the BDing starts again. FF hates me because I screwed up my chart and my monitor won't ask me for a test unless I rig it...which I may do.

Anyone else have a similar thing happen to them or am I just a freak of nature??

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