This is a blog about me, Ally, 44 now...trying to conceive baby #3. After 5 years, several miscarriages and heartaches we finally did it. Ava Lynn was born on January 30th 2009. Now I have two teenagers and a baby! Ally wants three is now complete. It's all gravy from here on in...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Prenatal Visit - 22 weeks 2 days

I had another routine appointment with my OB today. She said she was thrilled with the 20 week sonogram and was happy the cyst was gone...phew, me too.

She did tell me about the glucose test I need to take next visit...and how I did gain a bunch of weight this month. She gave me the speech (walk 30 minutes a day and not to eat whatever you want) tell my ginormous child not to steal all my food!

So, I am off of sugar now. I am off Sonic drinks (taste way too good and cool me off ) and Dunkin Donuts (cry)...hubby just found a DD and now I have to quit cold turkey...what can you do.

The baby is gaining weight (per all the food) and is between 1.5 and 2 lbs now. Ava is kicking up a storm much to her mom's delight...and sometimes chagrin.

That's it. I hope all is well with everyone. And I'm begging...for all the blogs I read...PLEASE UPDATE!!!! Thanks. :) I miss you and your posts.

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