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Friday, June 22, 2007

Our Vacation

We had such a nice time...just taking it easy and doing whatever. We didn't go to New Orleans though. We had heard the weather was going to be nasty so we decided to stay in Galveston a few more days. We walked on the beach, went to Moody Gardens (they have an Aquarioum, Imax Theatre, Water Park, Discovery Zone and the Colonel Paddelwheel. Some pics for your viewing pleasure.

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Us at Moody Gardens

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Moody Gardens Pyramids

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On the Colonel

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At the Imax

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The Strand

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Galveston Seawall

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Us at the Astros Game

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


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One game away from winning their 4th Victory!!

On other news...

Kids are doing fine in Florida. They're going to the pool every day. Mike is pretty happy and Kelly is having a good time with her dad. All is well.

Saturday Dave and I leave for Galveston on vacation and then New Orleans. I so need a vacation. My neighbor is watching the pets and I can't wait to be off work for a whole week.

Dave and I have been taking full advantage of our time alone. He took me to Ruth Chris for dinner on Monday (it was out 8th wedding anniversary) and he has been so sweet and romantic. I love ya honey!!

I hope everyone is doing well. Kisses and I'll blog when I get back.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hi Folks

It seems like it's been forever since I posted last. I have been super busy at work ...I'll explain that in more detail in a minute...and we are getting ready for vacation!

The kids leave on Friday to see their dad for 2 weeks. Kelly is looking forward to it and Mike, well frankly, is just excited to go on the airplane. It will give me and Dave a much needed break and we will be able to have ALOT of date nights. We are going to Houston on the 16th for a few days. We will see family, go to Astros games and lay on the beach in Galveston. On the 20th we leave for New Orleans, will stay in a surfside condo and go fishing...I can't wait for that! It'll be nice to just get away from work, our house, ALL our animals ( our neighbor is watching our Noah's Ark) and just being a couple. Our anniversary is on the 11st so this will be a good opportunity to catch up on the romance!

Work has been interesting. Since I made Asst Clinical Administrator my job has been very interesting. I do interviews, handle alot of messed up eft transactions and deal with the staff and their requests. I feel like I have a great repore with everyone makes me feel appreciated knowing they like the job I'm doing. I get along with my boss (who is younger than me) so that helps alot. And...guess what? Today I was named Employee of the Month! I also received the Shining Star award which basically means I go above and beyond people's expectations...and...the best part...I get free massages! WOOT! I can use one.

So, thats it. I miss chatting with everyone so hopefully we can do it real soon.

Jamie, have a blast in Florida.
Jenn, I hope you have a nice visit with your brother upstate this week.
Chassy, I'm sorry anout the 2ww, I'm in it too and it DOES SUCK!
Jessie, love your house, show us pics of the inside.
Les, I miss you...hugs to you down under.
Jennie, I'm so happy about your pregnancy...keep us posted
Jenna, what a happy surprise!
Liz, miss your updates....glad your twins are doing great!

Everyone else, come back and see me soon! Ciao!!

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