This is a blog about me, Ally, 44 now...trying to conceive baby #3. After 5 years, several miscarriages and heartaches we finally did it. Ava Lynn was born on January 30th 2009. Now I have two teenagers and a baby! Ally wants three is now complete. It's all gravy from here on in...

Friday, November 10, 2006

My hubby and his new baby...

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

My Dream

Last night I dreamt I had cancer. It was so vivid and at the same time disturbing to me as I never dreamt I was sick. I decided to look up dream interpretation (thanks Jenn) and this is what it said. I guess dreams don't lie.

To dream that you have cancer, denotes hopelessness, grief, self-pity, and unforgiveness. You feel you are wasting your life away. This dream also represents areas in your life which are bothering you, disturbing you, and hurting you in some emotional way.

Nothing else new to say....I'm trying to focus on other things and be with my family. I think it's helping me. I am not really looking forward to the holidays as much as I should. I guess I willwhen it gets closer and my kids are excited. I haven't spoken to anyone in my family in such a long is bittersweet. I'm just thankful I have my girls to talk to when I'm feeling down.

*Side note to Stephie - my SIL * - thanks for always being there for me. It means more than you know.

To my Ipp gals ... I know everyone has their own problems and it's hard to focus on anything . The shit always seems to hit the fan ( I know that real well) but we are strong women, we will persevere and we shall overcome (as they say). I love you guys! Let's talk soon.

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