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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I am here!!

The move went smoothly and BOY are they're alot of boxes. I cleared out about 1/2 of them so far so it's coming along. I just got online this morning (had to find my computer wires LOL) so I haven't be able to visit anyone's blogs yet. Hopefully everyone is doing well.

I really miss talking to everyone. I will try to get to blogs tonight...gotta go to the kids schools and fill out a mess of paperwork.

Ciao for now!!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

2 days to go...

The packing is going's boxes everywhere. Dogs are so scared...they don't know what the hell is happening and hate being locked up in my bedroom with strange people milling about. My kitty has been under the bed for 3 days now. Poor little guys.

Tomorrow they disconnect all the appliances, my DSL and phone and the movers will load up all the boxes and furniture. We will stay here tomorrow night with nothing and sleep on the floor. We would have stayed in a motel but with 4 animals...will be a stretch. We have to leave Friday morning at 5 AM so we can meet the truck in San Antonio by 9. We already signed all the closing papers so we can drive straight to the new house. It still seems like a dream and definitely weird that I haven't even been in the house but I trust David and if he says I'll love it, then I'm sure I will. It'll be a long four hours with kids and animals, me in the Volvo and Dave in the truck. It'll all be over soon and then I will breathe.

I don't know when my DSL will be back up. They are telling me March 1st but it may be sooner. I can't be too long without my computer...I'm such a nerd.

As far as my cycle, I'm CD 19 and I will start the progesterone on Saturday CD 22. I can't really worry about the 2WW too much and I'm sure thats a good thing.

Anyway, I hope everyoneis doing fine...those who have lil ones kiss them for me, everyone else, I'll just send hugs and let you know I'll be back soon. Ciao !!

San we come!

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Last week in Houston...

I had my follow-up at the RE today. They took a ultrasound to see how many follies I produced on the clomid. The say a total of 7 follies with 2 being near maturity. I take the Ovidrel shot tomorrow and bd on Saturday and Sunday. We didn't opt to do the iui this cycle because with the move there is too much going on. Fingers crossed and I'm able to get PG the old fashioned way.

The move is progressing as scheduled. We will receive all the documents on the new house probably tomorrow. David will be home most of next week so we can have the closing papers signed on Wednesday and overnight them back to the title company. We opted to sign them in Houston because otherwise we'd have to drive all the way to SA and then sit in a closing with the kids & animals. This is much easier. Meanwhile, the packers come on Tuesday, Wed & Thursday with a delivery of Friday. Friday morning we will finish up getting the packers on their way, clean up and be on our way to our new house. I am so glad this is finally coming to fruition.

I will still have the same email address in case anyone wants to know. I don't know when I'll be getting my dsl back on but I put an order through for the 27th.

I hope everyone is doing well. I will try to check back before themn to see how everyone is doing.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Congrats to my Pea!!

She had her twins....WOOWOO...

Jenn delivered on February 11th to little Nicholas and Jennifer Rose.

I'm so happy for her!!!

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Back to the RE

Today is CD4 . I started the Clomid yesterday and had to go back to the RE for a baseline ultrasound. I love going in there when AF is present. UGH!! She gave me a RX for Ovidrel which I will take after the NEXT ultrasound (in 10 days prior to O). I know the Clomid will promote alot of healthy eggs but WILL one fertilize without IUI...thats the question. I guess time will tell...and if not, then it's off to SA to a new dr.

My move is scheduled for February 24th. The packers will be here to move me out from 2/21 - 2/23. Friday the house is ours. I will send out emails to let everyone know where I'll be from that point on. My email address will not change. I am excited and really nervous. I won't know a
soul there but I'm sure once I get acclamated (sp) things will pick up I'm sure.

I hope everyone is doing well. I haven't had much time to visit blogs but I would like the girls to know I think of you often. It won't be long for Jenn and Heather to give birth, Chassy and Heather have their bundles of joy and I'm hoping it won't be long for the rest of us.

Take care and have a nice day everyone!

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